The Fussy Cut Sampler Quilt Along!

My lovely friends Elisabeth (Woo) Hardy and Nichole Ramirez  have written an amazing book – The Fussy Cut Sampler! I’m not being biased when I say this is my favorite book on quilting.

I was in a major anti sewing funk at the beginning of the year, I mean, I didn’t sew for like two months straight which for me is a terrible drought!

I picked up this book at their signing at Superbuzzy in Ventura, CA and it immediately renewed my sewjo. By the way, Superbuzzy has an amazing selection of fabric, especially in the Japanese variety and they sell online!

Things I love about this book:

  • Using scraps and smaller pieces from your stash
  • Looking at your fabric in a way you probably hadn’t before (eg tossed prints, 2 way prints, etc.)
  • Using said fabric in a thoughtful way when cutting and arranging the blocks
  • Skill building / Skill sharpening
    • This book is great for all types of quilters, new to veterans.

There is a quilt a long going on instagram and it is so great to see how everyone is making the same blocks but they look so different (and beautiful) because everyone has different fabric choices and color sense.




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