Disappearing 4 Patch for Juliette

A dear friend of mine, Pascale; who I met while working on Arthur Christmas was having her first baby late last year so of course I had to make her a quilt. I wasn’t really sure what pattern I was going to do for it or what color palette I’d use so I hemmed and hawed for a bit longer than I should have. I finally settled on layer cakes I had gotten from Connecting Threads which were a curated stack of various cotton and steel prints mixed with some blenders / solids. I then used the Disappearing 4 patch pattern which in theory should be easy, but it is rather time consuming and can get confusing when chain piecing multiples and trying to put them back together the way they should be. That being said, I am really happy with how this quilt turned out. I love the colors, I love the design. I quilted it with my walking foot while watching The Revenant, (does anyone else associate movies / tv shows with specific quilts they have made?). The quilt design is just concentric circles with some overlapping each other in I think, three different colors.

I just have to ship it off to London now!

Pascale and I circa 2011




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