Lillian Willa’s Quilt

My cousin’s just had their first little baby, a girl named Lillian Willa. Willa was my cousin’s grandmother’s name and I just think it’s such a sweet middle name and tribute to the wonderful woman she was.

I gave this quilt to them at the shower back in like June? Anyway I can’t remember now. I was inspired by Latifa Safir’s Airshow Quilt. Laura (my cousin) told me she wanted coral navy mint and grey as the color basis so I did my best with what I had on hand. I personally like sewing from my stash for others. It helps me impart some of my favorite fabrics to them and I get to use them!

I got different size bias tape makers at hobby lobby. Let me tell you. Making bias tape aint no joke. It’s the literal worst. But the outcome made it worth it. I used one of those pinterest tutorials of making the continuous bias tape from a square which was super helpful but also rather tedious. If I could afford one of those $400 bias tape machines I totally would buy it – though I’d still have to make the tape. Sigh.

ANYWAY. I really enjoyed making this quilt!

I cut 10″ squares of white background

I had 5 different loop shapes including the heart that I cut from cardstock and traced onto the background fabric. I wasn’t concerned about the ends of the tapes matching the next square which i think gives it a cute look.


I took each square, laid down the base ‘loop’ and then slowly and carefully sewed the bias tape on top of it catching the edge of the base fabric. It’s super important to check that! Also it might have been a good idea to fuse it down for added strength, but I didn’t. I told her if any come undone I’d fix it.

Once I had all of the squares done I arranged them on my design wall (several times) until I got the look I wanted. I have to say, doing the individual squares was such a manageable way of making this!

I did some mimic quilting around the loops and backed and bound it in Robert Kaufman’s Extra Wide pink cross hatch. I really love this one!



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