Mermaid Mini Quilt (Tutorial)

I was tasked with making a mini quilt of the mermaid persuasion for a quilt swap on instagram. The gal LOVES Ariel so I couldn’t really resist.

Here’s how I did it! (I used Blueberry Park Textiles)

**NOTE: you may not sell this pattern as it is owned by the Mouse. For personal use only**

  1. find an image you like online, print it out (if it helps printing multiple copies may work better so you can cut out different parts easier.) and cut out the main color areas. so in this case there were 5 main parts: Hair, Shell Bra, Flesh, Fish tail, Fish Fin. Once I had these cut out I traced them (in reverse) onto EZ Steam II (make sure it has the blue grid on the paper. LITE EZ Steam II is kind of crappy.)
    1. for pieces that are under other pieces – in this case the body, i cut a little extra room around the head and the lower tummy so there wouldn’t be an accidental gap once I began to layer.

2. roughly cut out the pieces to separate them on the sheet into individual pieces, but don’t cut on the lines yet.

3. remove the backing paper and press onto the wrong side of the fabric that corresponds with the piece traced on the paper. Smooth it out and press hard so there’s a good adherence.

4. Now you can cut along the lines with very sharp fabric or applique scissors.

5. Once you have all of your pieces cut out. Arrange them to your liking – this is where having extra copies of the original image comes in handy so you can compare.

6. peel off the blue grid backing and gently press them in place with your fingers onto your backing fabric. Once they are in the right position, follow the ironing instructions on the packet of EZ Steam.

Quilt as usual! If you notice a lot of fraying, adding a bit of fray check to the raw edges may help.



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