ABQ Hot Air Balloon Quilt

Little back story here: I moved to Albuquerque for a job in 2011. Luckily one of my moms dear friend’s daughter was living there and had a room to rent not too far from my work. I had only been very peripheral friends with Sheena prior just at random family gatherings through the years but I had a feeling we would get along just fine! Sheena hadn’t been living be there too long, and I was happy to have friend to do things with. Once I started working I had a larger friend group of co workers. I forced Sheena to come hang out at our trivia nights and eventually she got together with one of my coworkers Nick. They are perfect for eachother. They are both so relaxed and fun and just generally easy going good people. I moved away in 2012 for another job but of course we stayed in touch. She and Nick got married last June and this June she’s having a baby! If you know anything about Albuquerque, you’ll know that they host the largest by air balloon festival in the world every October. Any given day you can see at least one hot air balloon floating around the skies. Of course this was the obvious nursery theme for them so I knew I had to try to make a hot air balloon quilt! I had a ton of fun making this and she seemed to love it. Below are also photos of the awesome New Mexico Hot Air Balloon themed baby shower her sisters and mom hosted. Can’t wait to meet baby Remington James! 

I also should add that I was lucky enough to borrow Luke Haynes long arm to quilt it!

I left the selvage in the backing because it’s great. 



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