Tula 90 – For my Best Friend

This was one of the first quilts that I started. I highly recommend the Tula 100 book to build skills, or sharpen ones you already have. I loved making this. Although its a bit crazy, it’s happy! My best friend of 28 years (since we were 3!) Kristin loved it so I thought I’d give it to her for her 30th birthday. Well, I didn’t quite make that deadline, so I got it done in time for her 31st!

I just want to say something about Kristin for a minute so bear with me. Kristin and I have been through a lot. Both of our parents got divorced around the same time when we were 5 – we went to school together from preschool -high school and remained close even though she went to school in Northern California and I stayed in Southern California. After college, she moved to North Carolina, and I stayed here. She moved back, got married and I was honored to be her Maid of Honor.  I moved to New Mexico a year later and she was pregnant with her first child. I came home for a week between my time in New Mexico – she was in labor on my drive back! I was able to meet little baby Charlie Ann ,and then I had to head out to my new (and unbeknownst to me very temporary) job in Jensen Beach Florida. We face timed, we texted and we called. I moved back after 5 months and was able to spend more time with her and her new little family. A few years later she and her family moved to Kentucky. Thankfully, it was for a little less than a year. She also had her second daughter there  – Hazel Lee. I’m so grateful they are back!

Just like any relationship there are ups and downs, periods of feast and periods of famine. I know I always have her to lean on and I hope she feels the same of me. ❤




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