A Quilt for Cooper

My two lovely friends were pregnant with their first child. A little boy. We were so excited for them but then tragedy struck. On his due date his cord ruptured (a very very rare occurrence) and he died in utero on his due date. We were all heartbroken. I had been making a quilt for them and was almost finished when I heard the news. I wasn’t sure what to do with it – I didn’t know if they would want it or not- people grieve in different ways. The next day I received a message from them saying they would really like the quilt as a momento. I so happy that I could give them something that could help heal their family on a small way. I made a real and gray Storm at Sea quilt for them. It’s my favorite quilt I’ve made- I put love into every stitch and I know it will provide a little comfort for them. 

On a positive note, they had already started a charity called Cozy Totes which provides essentials and some fun items for foster kids that they can call their own. They have renamed this charity to Cooper’s Totes – please go check them out and if you can donate items or money to help foster kids it would mean a great deal. 

 “As of April 20th I lost my precious baby boy Cooper due to a very rare complication that was out of everyone’s control. That’s the day our little boy became a shining star watching over us, Cooper has brought so much love and inspiration to our community, the amount of love & support pouring out is overwhelming and we are so thankful. 

We have decided to change our name from Cozy Totes to Coopers Totes to honor his memory, it’s pretty cool to see the amount of love Cooper has brought into our lives & what he will continue to bring to kids who need our help. Coopers life was cut short but he is still living in our hearts, and he’s living in every tote that gets delivered to a child in need. 

Nothing will take away the pain we feel but seeing Coopers Totes help kids really makes my heart go boom and I’m definitely a proud mama . 

Thank you to everyone who supports us and please continue to follow us and share our journey” 



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