I love swaps. You probably know that by now. I really wanted to do an HBO Swap because some of my favorite shows are on that channel! Do you want to join in the fun? I know there are a lot of swaps happening these days, so this is going to be a slow burn one with a full 3 months to work on your swap item.

Here are the guidelines:

Signups are open until July 1st. I will try to send the partner assignments out by July 5th (if not sooner.

Participants MUST have an instagram account that is active and public.

Domestic Mailing Deadline is October 31, International Mailing Deadline is October 21.  DO NOT MAIL ANY EARLIER PLEASE

SWAP Stuff:

Make a mosaic or two for your instagram feed so your partner can see what inspires you! (by July 31st), post some sneak peek progress photos.

You will make 1 larger item or 2 -3 smaller items

Extras are appreciated but not mandatory. Please be sure to take into account any dislikes or allergies your partner has.

Thanking your partner with a photo of the item they made for you is strongly encouraged. Everyone is at different craft levels so be gracious, be thankful!

IMPORTANT: If at any time you are unable to complete your participation in the swap please email me as soon as you know so we can reassign your partner.

There will be periodic check-ins to make sure y’all are still on board.

Most of all, please have fun and let the creativity flow!

Email me at any time for questions or concerns.



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