Low Protein Pill Pockets


Im just going to take a moment to talk about my pup Theo. in the past year he’s been suffering pre kidney disease symptoms. He is now on medication (1 1/2 pills twice daily) and prescription food. Dogs with kidney issues need to be in low protein / low phosphorus  diets (as far as I’ve read). I’ve been spending lots of money on his new food and medications, not to mention his monthly urinalysis tests. He needs pill pockets and we can’t use peanut butter as its too high in protein. Pumpkin and oats are good options so I thought I’d make my own! Plus he really loves these as treats so it’s really win win. 

1 cup 100% Canned pumpkin 

1/2 cup quick rolled oats

You may need to adjust above to get the right consistency. They should be firm enough to make into little balls. Mix well and shape (roughly 1/2-1″ balls). Poke with a chopstick or whatever you have handy. Refrigerate those that you will use within 5-7 days and freeze the rest. I got about 18 out of my first batch. I hope this helps anyone else who may be dealing with similar issues. Xo



3 thoughts on “Low Protein Pill Pockets

  1. Great idea! Best wishes for you and Theo. My cat requires daily medication for anxiety and pill pockets don’t work for him since he bites through anything he eats and will taste the pill. I’ve had to use a pill shooter device…wish I could find a solution similar to yours so anyone could easily medicate him.

      1. It’s also known as the Pet Pill Gun, you can google it. It was difficult at first when I needed help holding him. But he’s gotten use to it and I can now give him the pill myself.

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