Craft and Quilt Swaps

If you’re a quilter or crafter you’ve probably noticed there’s a raging trend of swaps on Instagram. I have participated in 5! It’s so much fun! I love how it makes me think outside the box and try new things. I so enjoy the anticipation of them receiving their happy mail. 

Here are some photos of my gives and gets! 

Schnitzel and Boo mini swap – round 3:

I sent this to a Bonnie and Camille loving lady 

I received this! So lucky!    
Outlander Craft Swap:

I sent this to a lovely Canadian gal:


Nerds Craft it Better Swap:

I sent this to a Futurama nerd:

I got this amazing outlander nerd gift from Oregon! 

Can you see my excitement?!   
Also down the road I have the Winter is Coming Swap and the BBC Masterpiece Mini swap both in the works! 

What have you participated in? 

Do you like swapping on Instagram? 

What would you change?

What swap would you like to see?


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