Garment Making (trying)

I’m new to the world of garment making, but I really want to be good (or at least decent) at making my own clothes. I love that there are so many possibilities, and you can literally tailor it to fit your style and shape. Here are two of the first complete dresses I’ve done so far.

The first one is my ‘Easter Dress’. It uses Suzy Ultman’s fabric from Robert Kaufman which I scored for $2.99 a yard (at M&L Fabrics in Buena Park, CA). I used the Project Runway Simplicity 2444. It was super simple to follow, not too many pieces to cut out and it came together very quickly! As a beginner I admit I was a little bit intimidated by this pattern but I was relieved it was much simpler than anticipated. Bonus – there are so many great ways to customize this dress so you can make multiple versions in all your favorite fabrics! I still need to hem this and put the hook and eye on the top back but the rest is all done and ready to go.


This is my face that says ‘OHMYGOSH IT ACTUALLY FITS!’ I’ll update this post with a better photo after Easter.Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 3.11.23 PM

and below is a shirt dress: McCall’s 6885 in House of Wales Plaid. I had some mess ups on this but I think its fine as is – I’m happy with it!




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