Quilting Retreat in Buellton, California

My mom signed me up to go with her and some of her other sewing friends to Buellton, CA to the Creation Station for a weekend quilting retreat. While there was a bit to be desired on the retreat’s execution from the proprietors, we had a lot of fun meeting new quilty friends and getting our stitch on! Here are some photos from our weekend!

This is the setup of the tables. There were 23 of us. 10731196_597325179816_5687055540219963145_n

I Made my mom a Market Tote from the awesome book 1-2-3-Sew. It was so easy and super fast! She loves it (she says)10713008_597286133066_2160355727001814983_n

Of course we had to stop in Solvang for some Danish Aebleskivers. Always a win.10685541_597325144886_1888949831409135587_n

Finally got my Halloween Quilt top together and bordered10407107_597286093146_1559968347104787631_n

Here Marge has super crazy pinned the hem of a hand embroidered table topper. She did a beautiful stitch on her machine once the hem was sewn. 10392340_597325159856_5137454233265805177_n

My Friend gave me a lot of her old scrap fabric so I thought I’d make some zippy bags.


My Best friend Kristin is moving to Kentucky at the end of the month. This is her favorite quilt that I’ve made – it’s also one of my first quilts! I learned a LOT when I made these blocks and I love this quilt so much. I’m sad to see her go, but know that she can wrap herself in a little bit of home when she uses this. THe border looks a little orange here, but its Kona Solid in Amber- somehow it really works with almost every color in there!1467336_597286078176_5451337014265709521_n


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