Tree Heart Table Runner

I really wanted to make a gift for my friends wedding – she loves all things handmade and I thought, why not try that heart-carved-into-a-tree-quilt thing. So I did! I made them a table runner – Instructions below!

Finished Size: 17.5″ x  38″


  • 1.5 yards of Kona or solid brown / wood color or your choice
  • Scrap of pink fabric for heart (at least 12 x 12)
  • fabric for binding – roughly 1/3 yard

I used this tutorial for making the heart, it’s very simple! I enlarged mine from her site to be about 9 x 9 inches.

To make a 9″ heart cut:

  • Four squares at 3 x 3 of wood color
  • Two Squares at 5 x 5 of wood color
  • Two Rectangles at 9 x 5 of heart color

Cut for Front and back 2 pieces of wood color and batting at 18 x 38 1/2 give or take depending on how big you want it.

Once I had my heart made (which was super simple!) I hand embroidered it with their initials and the wedding date. I used the Frixion pen as guide for the letters.

Next I laid the heart on top of the top fabric piece that will be the main part of the table runner. I decided where I wanted it and and then cut the piece off where I would attach the heart. Taking that cut off piece, I cut it in half (not in the middle – just where I thought would look good) and sewed those two pieces to the top and bottom of the heart block. Then, I cut one more strip of about 4″ to be the end piece for the other side of the heart. If this doesn’t make sense, please let me know – I’m happy to help! I just didn’t think to take photos while I was doing it since I made it the night before the wedding.

Once everything is sewn in place, sandwich your runner with the batting and backing and quilt a wood grain. It’s pretty organic and doesn’t have to be perfect.

I machine bound this and was very happy with the result. Probably took about 3 hours from start to finish (including quilting and binding).

Happy Sewing!bd905e558744d334f90aeb372247037b


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