Sunny Side Quilt

I really love Kate Spain’s Sunny Side collection from Moda. I did another disappearing 9 patch on this one with a charm pack of her designs. Using some solid ash grey I separated the squares into columns aiming for a bit of a gradient effect, sort of reminiscent of a soundsystem’s digital bars – know what I’m talking about? I backed it with IKEA Bitten fabric which basically goes with everything. I FMQ’d it with the fabulous Handi Quilter Sweet 16 in long vines with little heart leaves.

(as you can tell my studiodoesn’t have the best lighting)




3 thoughts on “Sunny Side Quilt

  1. I love that collection as well! I was crazy enough to get a fat quarter bundle and I’m using it for the baby quilt I’m currently making (and will probably have loads of fabric left-over because, well, it’s a baby quilt). Somehow even the raindrops and clouds make me smile while I absolutely loath rain.

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