Fabrics and other Fun stuff!



I love taking pictures of the fabrics I find and where I got them! It’s kind of a nice way to catalogue what I have available.

These are from Ikea’s AS IS section! some are canvas weight pillow covers, curtains, and fabric cuts



These lovelies are from Sew Modern in West Los Angeles. Some of my favorites in here!fabric1

Japanese fabrics from Road to California; these are already being put to use for laser bags for the different departments on the next production I’m working on called Big Hero 6. (we use the lasers for reviews)fabrics

These are fabrics I picked up in Oregon for my Marcelle Medallion. A good chunk of these came from ‘THE STITCHIN POST” in Sisters, OR.medallionfabs

Quilty Box! I loved this subscription box service, but they’ve taken a break from the business for a while. I hope they come back soon. I really love it. Wonder Clips are amazing. I take back anything bad I ever said about them.


These little bits are also from the Road to CA show. Sample spools of wonderfil (my fave for variegated threads), Downtoan Abbey (Lady Sybil Collection), Allison Glass Text and Robert Kaufman Botanics.

(plus some pretty great dog squares demanding to be fussy cut!)


Finally, I bought 4 of those long bins from IKEA. They are pull out drawers and are pretty perfect for organizing fabric. You can see through them which is pretty great, and they hold a good amount. I have to keep my fabric in plastic or boxes, my dog seems to shed infinitely. These bins are highly recommended! How do you store your fabric?



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